(source: The Sheboygan Press, July 20, 1935.)

I’m going to put a spare key under my welcome mat. Not a key to my actual front door. Just some odd key that doesn’t open anything. And written in very tiny print on the doorknob for when thieves are getting up close and squinting wondering what they’re doing wrong, the words “never give up on your dreams.”

My new house has an exit sign! (I have the upstairs.) Very Gryffindor, with the lion sentinels and everything. There’s even a passcode on the door.

Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns

Anonymous asked: 29. Dark hair, loosened ties or rolled up dress-shirt sleeves, & gentle senses of humor. 30. Self-styled Nice Guys, bad hygiene, & ugly ass white wife beater tank shirts eww.

Loosened ties yes, wifebeater tanks no. So basically, sunglasses, both your turn-ons and turn-offs are Tony Stark…



I prefer a Slytherin uniform. But that is neither here nor there.

Anonymous asked: 26. Basically, I go straight for nighttime meds--like Nyquil--& try to sleep my way to health. Soup's good. And I start up ye old Netflix when I can't bear to sleep one more minute. Or I go out in the Sun for a bit if the season is right

Tell me more about this “Sun” you speak of… I’ve never seen it. Is it as beautiful as they say?

You have a good health routine set up, sunglasses. Soup, sun, and antihistamines. Personally, I drink nyquil to treat my insomnia. I never knew it had other uses. That’s very interesting…

When I’m sick I mostly like to: complain a lot.

Anonymous asked: 6. I made reservations at everybody's favorite restaurant. No one showed. I sat there for an hour. I walked home crying. In January. Awesome.

Heroic, tbh. I hope you gave those no-shows a stern talking-to! My sympathies, sunglasses. But on the plus side, you probably get to cash in a major guilt chip some time in the future…

My worst birthday, I spent it locked in my bedroom making no noise and pretending that I didn’t exist while my uncle courted some rich developer down in the parlour, and then a bug-eyed nightmare creature with bat-ears popped into my room to herald the doom of my school year and drop a cake on my family’s head, so they put bars on my window. Brutal year.


Salvador Dali ~ “The Spectral Cow”, 1928

'1st of September…see you later!'

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Flamingos take refuge in a bathroom at Miami-Metro Zoo, Sept. 14, 1999 as tropical-storm force winds from Hurricane Floyd approached the Miami area.